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​​Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Fine Japan USA considered one of the most popular brands in the North American market?
    Fine Japan USA's products are researched and manufactured with nearly 50 years of experience. They have been favored in the US market for over 10 years.  The products are awarded with prestigious certifications such as JAS Organic, GMP, and ISO 9001, becoming best-sellers worldwide, particularly in Japanese and American markets.
  • Do Fine Japan USA's products treat illnesses?
    Fine Japan USA's products are daily health and beauty supplements, designed to support the prevention and control of certain diseases. However, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 
  • How long does it take to see results from using Fine Japan USA's products?
    Results may vary depending on individual conditions and absorption rates. On average, it may take between 3 to 6 months for any changes to be noticeable. Therefore, customers should follow the recommended product dosage advised by Fine Japan USA to experience the desired outcomes as soon as possible.
  • Are these Fine Japan USA products long-standing in the market?
    These premium product lines from Fine Japan USA have been popular in the US market for over 10 years and are exclusively distributed by FG CARE, Inc. in Vietnam and the U.S.
  • Do Fine Japan USA products cause heat in the body?
    It depends on the specific product as each may have a certain level of warmth or heat. Through the refining and manufacturing process, Fine Japan USA ensures that its products provide the best quality and safety for consumers. In some cases where users feel discomfort or heat in their bodies, Fine Japan USA advises reducing the dosage by half for 2-3 weeks to allow the body to adjust before returning to the initial dosage as instructed.
  • How old should you be to use Fine Japan USA products?
    Although both adults and children can use them, we recommend using Fine Japan USA products for adults aged 18 and above to ensure the optimal development of individuals and product effectiveness. 
  • Is it okay to use multiple Fine Japan products at the same time?
    The usage instructions for Fine Japan USA products will vary depending on the specific type of product. It's not recommended to use multiple products simultaneously if: They are the same type of Fine Japan USA liquid products, such as Collagen and Cordyceps Plus.  They have overlapping ingredients, for example, Cordyceps in both liquid and capsule form, Pink Collagen and Collagen Bird's Nest, Live care and Vitamin C+D, etc. If you wish to use them together, it's advisable to alternate their usage on different days. If you are using Fine Japan USA products along with other medications, it's suggested to take them at least 2 hours apart.
  • Can pregnant or breastfeeding women consume Cordyceps or Collagen?
    For the safety of the fetus, pregnant and breastfeeding, women should not use any products without consulting a doctor.
  • What Fine Japan USA products should I use to boost my immune system?
    To boost the immune system, you can choose from the following Fine Japan USA products: Cordyceps from Fine Japan USA: Suitable for those who experience excessive stress, fatigue, difficulty sleeping/insomnia, older individuals with decreased libido or kidney function (night urination, sexual weakness, prostate disorders, internal heat sensation, etc.). Collagen from Fine Japan USA: Helps strengthen the immune system with 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 18mg of bird's nest extract (in Bird's Nest Collagen). Suitable for those who want to improve skin health, reduce hair loss, combat dry skin, and weak nails, while also aiming for overall health. Fucoidan from Fine Japan USA: Suitable for older individuals, those with underlying health conditions, frequent exposure to harmful toxins, individuals needing to improve lung and respiratory system. 
  • Is Fine Japan Collagen Bird's Nest easy to drink? What does it taste like?
    Fine Japan Premium Hyaluron & Collagen with Swallow's Nest is extracted and produced using advanced technology standards from Japan, without any fishy odor. Additionally, the product contains Vitamin C and honey for a sweeter and more delicious taste.
  • Why does Collagen with Swallow's Nest from Fine Japan USA only contain 5,250mg of collagen per bottle, less than other brands which offer up to 30,000mg or even 60,000mg? What is the optimal collagen dosage?
    Fine Japan Premium Hyaluron & Collagen with Swallow's Nest is in the form of collagen peptides - hydrolyzed collagen consisting of super small molecules that are easily absorbed and more effective. Therefore, 5,250mg of collagen per day is sufficient to provide good results for the skin. Using more than this amount may not be fully absorbed and would be disposed of as body waste. Additionally, Fine Japan combines high levels of Vitamin C to enhance the body's ability to absorb collagen, maximizing the amount of collagen intake.
  • Is Collagen only good for women's skin and health? Can men take Collagen for health and beauty support?
    Collagen is an essential substance for human skin and joints, so collagen supplementation is an essential need for everyone, regardless of gender.
  • Where is Fine Japan USA's Collagen product manufactured?
    All Collagen products of Fine Japan USA are 100% made in Japan.
  • What makes Fine Japan USA's Premium Collagen with Swallow's Nest special compared to other types of Collagen?
    Fine Japan USA's Collagen Bird's Nest is enriched with 18mg of concentrated swallow's nest containing 18 types of amino acids and trace elements such as calcium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, etc., providing many benefits for the body and skin. Thanks to these elements, Fine Japan Collagen Bird's Nest has better effectiveness and additional health benefits.
  • What is the difference between Fine Japan Premium Collagen with Ginseng and Premium Hyaluron & Collagen with Swallow’s Nest?
    Premium Hyaluron & Collagen with Swallow's Nest from Fine Japan USA is a combination of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, bird's nest, and premium swallow's nest extract. Swallow's nest extract contains a high level of protein (45-55%) with 18 essential amino acids that help regenerate cells and promote overall health. Premium Collagen with Ginseng from Fine Japan USA supports strengthening the body's endurance and flexibility with premium ginseng extract, combined with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, resulting in smooth, radiant skin.
  • Can I use Collagen when pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Before using, customers should consult with a doctor. If you are allergic or sensitive to any ingredient in the product, it is advisable to discontinue use.
  • When should I use Collagen?
    Collagen is usually used from the age of 25 onwards when the skin begins to show signs of aging, or when you have the need to improve elasticity, address sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and to nourish hair and nails.
  • When should I use Collagen?
    Fine Japan USA recommends using Collagen in the morning for better absorption.
  • I noticed my skin improved while taking collagen, but when I stopped after finishing the course, my skin returned to its original state. Does this mean collagen only works during the period of consumption?
    After the age of 25, the synthesis and decomposition of collagen in the body gradually become imbalanced, with the production of new collagen being less than the amount lost. Therefore, after discontinuing use, natural skin aging continues to deteriorate the skin, so it is necessary to regularly supplement collagen to maintain a radiant skin. 
  • I'm 34 years old and began taking liquid Collagen, but my face broke out. So am I not suitable for Collagen?
    Because Fine Japan Collagen products contain a high amount of Vitamin C, it helps push out hidden acne under the skin. This condition will last for about 1-2 months and then gradually decrease. If you experience pimples, itching, or other issues, you should consult with a specialist for further advice.
  • Which type of Collagen is effective to use? Powder, liquid, or capsule form?
    In addition to the dosage, the level of Collagen absorbed into the body is an important factor affecting effectiveness, and Liquid Collagen has the highest effectiveness due to its high absorbability compared to powder and capsule forms. Furthermore, Fine Japan USA's Collagen products also contain 1000mg of Vitamin C to enhance collagen absorption, optimizing the product's use efficacy. 
  • Should women take Cordyceps?
    Women can also take Cordyceps supplements for enhanced health,  as women are prone to health issues such as stress, aging, and aches.
  • What is the difference between Cordyceps Capsules and Cordyceps Plus Liquid Drink from Fine Japan USA?
    Fine Cordyceps Capsules is in the form of solid tablets, while Cordyceps Plus Liquid Drink contains added macadamia nut extracts. Cordyceps Plus is specially formulated for enhanced absorption of nutrients to the body. 
  • How long does it take for Fine Japan USA's Cordyceps to show results for someone with erectile dysfunction?
    The time it takes for Cordyceps to produce results varies depending on each individual's physiology. According to many scientists and scientific reports, Cordyceps is effective in regulating both male and female physiology.
  • Should women take Cordyceps after giving birth?
    Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before using any medication or product.
  • I feel dizzy and fatigued after using Cordyceps Plus Liquid Drink. What should I do?
    Because Cordyceps  has a strong blood circulation effect, some people may experience sensations of warmth, dizziness, etc. In such cases, you should reduce the dosage for the first 1-2 weeks to allow your body to adapt, then return to the standard dosage as indicated on the packaging.
  • Can vegetarians take Cordyceps Plus Liquid Drink?
    Fine Japan USA's Cordyceps is produced from parasitic fungi and is chosen by many vegetarians to use.
  • Can people with kidney failure use Cordyceps?
    Cordyceps has the function of nourishing the body and enhancing vitality. However, for people with stage 3 kidney failure or kidney disease, it is not advisable to use Cordyceps because at this stage, kidney function is almost diminished and cannot be further stimulated.
  • I have been taking Cordyceps for some time but haven't seen any noticeable benefits?
    The effectiveness may appear quickly or slowly depending on each person's physiology and body condition. Therefore, you should use Fine Japan USA's Cordyceps for a complete course of 3-6 months to see clear results.
  • Can young people/adolescents use Cordyceps?
    Normally, only people 50-60 years old or older use Cordyceps because at that age the body begins to weaken. As for everyday consumers who are not athletes but are often tired due to work pressure, Cordyceps will help avoid fatigue improve work performance and quality of life.
  • Who is Fine Japan USA's Cordyceps suitable for?
    Actually, Cordyceps is suitable for most users and the product needs to be used on a consistent basis to see clear results. If you follow the manufacturer's dosage recommendation (4 capsules per day for Fine Cordyceps), there should be no side effects. However, people with autoimmune disorders may worsen their condition if they use Cordyceps. If you are undergoing treatment for such conditions, consult a doctor before use!
  • Can diabetic patients use Fine Japan USA Cordyceps Plus?
    Although Cordyceps Plus does not contain sugar in its ingredients, it contains honey, which may affect blood sugar levels. Additionally, Cordyceps contains up to 17 types of amino acids and various active ingredients. Many studies have shown that Cordyceps helps supplement nutrients without causing side effects or negative impacts on several diseases. However, if you feel that the product is not suitable for your body or if you are undergoing treatment for a disease, consult a doctor before use.
  • Why does Fine Japan USA's Cordyceps Plus contain macadamia nut extracts, and what is the purpose of this combination?
    Macadamia nut extracts contain many vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, which will enhance the effectiveness of Cordyceps. Additionally, the product is in liquid form, so nutrients will be absorbed quickly and effectively compared to conventional capsules.
  • Why do you have to take up to 10 capsules a day of Fine Japan USA Shark Cartilage?
    Joint issues are common in older individuals, so the shark cartilage is divided into many small tablets that are easy to swallow and increase the surface area of contact with the stomach lining, aiding in better dissolution and absorption.
  • I'm currently taking Glucosamine, can I use it together with Fine Japan USA's Shark Cartilage?
    Yes, Glucosamine and Chondroitin found in shark cartilage are important and essential components for joint health.
  • What are the nutrients in Fine Japan USA's Shark Cartilage, and what are their functions?
    Fine Japan USA's Shark Cartilage is extracted from shark cartilage, containing a large amount of mucopolysaccharides such as chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, which help improve joint health for the body.
  • Does Fine Japan USA's Shark Cartilage have any side effects? Are there any specific precautions when using Fine Japan Shark Cartilage?
    Fine Japan USA's Shark Cartilage, as the product has been thoroughly researched before production. However, if you feel that the product is not suitable for your body, you can reduce the dosage, or consult a doctor before using any medication/product.
  • Where is Fine Japan USA's Fucoidan extracted from and what are its advantages?
    Fine Japan USA's Fucoidan is extracted from Wakame seaweed.  Fucoidan is manufactured according to a high-quality control system at a factory that meets reputable production standards such as GMP, ISO 9001, and JAS Organic. Furthermore, because Fine Fucoidan is produced in the form of hard capsules, it can supplement many active ingredients into one capsule, allowing users to supplement more nutrients with fewer capsules.
  • Can patients with mild stroke use Fine Japan USA products?
    Most of Fine Japan USA's products are used as adults' health supplements. However, we advise that you seek consult directly from your doctor before using any additional medications or health supplements. Fine Japan’s Premium Natto Kinase helps prevent blood clotting and reduce blood lipids, making it an ideal choice for people with mild stroke/at risk of cardiovascular-related health issues. 
  • Currently, I am using prescription medication. Can I take Nattokinase?
    It's best to consult your primary care physician. Although Nattokinase is a safe food supplement commonly used by Japanese people, you should take it at least 2 hours apart from any medication to ensure optimal absorption.
  • Is Fine Japan USA's Natto Kinase 2000FU as effective as Natto 4000FU?
    FU is a unit of measurement expressing the dosage of Nattokinase. Therefore, naturally, 4000FU has a higher dosage compared to 2000FU. However, 2000FU has been reported to have blood pressure-lowering effects and is a commonly used dosage of Nattokinase in Japan. Fine Japan USA has conducted thorough research and decided to produce a product with a dosage of 2000FU.
  • Is there any harm in taking too much Natto Kinase? How to prevent it? Does NattoKinase pills affect the user's blood sugar? Precautions when using Nattokinase?
    In fact, there have been no reports of adverse health effects from consuming excessive Natto, even when combined with 10,000 FU - five times the recommended daily dosage. However, it is advisable to adhere to our recommended daily dosage to achieve the best results. Natto Kinase products also do not affect blood sugar levels and do not have any specific precautions when using them. You can use Natto Kinase like any other regular food supplement.
  • May I use Fine Japan Metabo Green Tea after giving birth?
    You can use Fine Japan USA's Metabo Green Tea six months after giving birth. We also do not encourage using the product earlier than the suggested time period and recommend not using it in conjunction with iron supplements.
  • Does Fine Japan USA's Metabo Green Tea have any side effects?
    Metabo Green Tea is made from pure green tea leaves, so it contains Catechin and a small amount of Caffeine in its composition. This amount of caffeine is not enough to cause drowsiness or insomnia unless you are extremely sensitive to this component. Catechin may improve symptoms of constipation, but there are no reports on symptoms like stomach pain or constipation. However, Catechin inhibits the absorption of minerals. Therefore, you should be cautious when using it with other minerals.
  • Can I use Fine Japan USA's Metabo Green Tea for unlimited drinking without worrying about weight gain?
    Fine Japan USA's Metabo Green Tea is a weight control support tea. However, if you only intake energy into the body without exercising, green tea cannot maximize its effects. Therefore, to achieve the best results, it must be combined with a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise. In addition to supporting weight control, Fine Japan USA's Metabo Green Tea also has many other health benefits such as detoxing, preventing bad breath, and reducing body heat.
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